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Welcome to the ultimate adventure for food and drink enthusiasts at Walt Disney World’s Epcot – the Epcot Drink Around the World! Get ready to embark on a journey like no other as we guide you through an unforgettable experience of sipping and savoring your way around 11 different countries. From refreshing margaritas in Mexico to rich beers in Germany, this is a pilgrimage that will tantalize your taste buds, transport you to far-off lands, and create memories that will last a lifetime. So grab your passports (and maybe some aspirin), because it’s time to dive into the intoxicating world of Epcot Drink Around the World!

What is the Epcot Drink Around the World?

What is the Epcot Drink Around the World? It’s a legendary quest for adults who want to indulge their inner barfly while exploring the rich cultural tapestry of Epcot. The premise is simple yet exhilarating – you journey through each of Epcot’s eleven pavilions, sampling signature alcoholic beverages from every country along the way.

Imagine starting your adventure in Mexico with a tangy and refreshing margarita, then moving on to Norway for a taste of aquavit. As you traverse through China, Germany, Italy, Japan, and more, you’ll encounter an array of unique libations that showcase each nation’s distinct flavors and traditions.

The best part? Each stop offers its own immersive experience. From sipping sake in Japan’s tranquil gardens to raising a pint amidst Oktoberfest revelry in Germany, you’ll feel transported to another world with every sip. And don’t forget about the delectable cuisine available at many of these locations – it pairs perfectly with your chosen drink!

But be warned: this boozy expedition requires stamina and pacing oneself is key. With so many tantalizing options awaiting you at each pavilion, it can be tempting to dive headfirst into all the offerings. However, remember that this adventure spans several hours (and potentially even days), so take your time and enjoy it responsibly.

So put on your drinking shoes (figuratively speaking) and get ready for an unforgettable exploration of cultures through libations at Epcot Drink Around the World! Cheers!

How to participate in the Epcot Drink Around the World

Are you ready to embark on a boozy adventure at Epcot? Then get ready to participate in the famous Epcot Drink Around the World challenge! This exciting activity allows you to explore all 11 countries of the World Showcase while sipping on delicious beverages from each one. Here’s how you can join in on the fun:

1. Plan your visit: Before heading to Epcot, it’s essential to plan your day carefully. The best time to attempt the Drink Around the World challenge is during one of Epcot’s annual festivals, such as the Food and Wine Festival or Flower and Garden Festival. These events offer an extensive selection of drinks that will enhance your experience.

2. Pace yourself: With so many countries and drinks to try, it’s important not to overdo it too quickly. Start with lighter options like beers or wines before moving on to stronger cocktails. Remember, this is meant to be a fun experience, not a race!

3. Share with friends: Drinking around the world is even more enjoyable when shared with friends or family members who are of legal drinking age. Splitting drinks between multiple people ensures everyone gets a taste without becoming overly intoxicated.

4. Stay hydrated: It’s crucial to stay hydrated throughout your journey around Epcot’s World Showcase. Make sure to drink plenty of water in between alcoholic beverages – trust me; your body will thank you later!


Explore other attractions too!: While indulging in various libations is undoubtedly entertaining, don’t forget about all the other amazing things Epcot has to offer! Take breaks between countries by enjoying some thrilling rides or exploring fascinating exhibits.

Participating in the Epcot Drink Around The World challenge offers unforgettable experiences and opportunities for discovery through different cultures’ flavors and traditions.

As always remember- drink responsibly! So why wait? Grab your passport (or should I say beverage glass) and get ready for an exciting adventure at Epcot!

What are the benefits of drinking around the world?

Embarking on the Epcot Drink Around the World adventure offers a multitude of benefits that go beyond simply enjoying delicious beverages. Let’s explore some of these perks!

First and foremost, drinking around the world allows you to experience different cultures uniquely. As you visit each country within Epcot’s World Showcase, you have the opportunity to sample traditional drinks native to that region. From sipping sake in Japan to indulging in margaritas at Mexico’s La Cava del Tequila, each libation gives you a taste of the culture it represents.

Another benefit is expanding your palate and trying new flavors. With 11 countries to explore, there are countless drink options available. Whether it’s discovering the richness of German beers or relishing Italy’s famous wines, this journey is sure to introduce your taste buds to exciting new sensations.

In addition, participating in the Epcot Drink Around the World can be a social activity that brings people together. You can bond with friends or family as you navigate through each country, sharing laughs and creating lasting memories along the way.

Moreover, this experience provides an opportunity for education and learning about different alcoholic beverages from around the globe. Each country has its unique traditions and methods when it comes to brewing beer or distilling spirits. By engaging with knowledgeable cast members at various locations throughout Epcot, you may uncover interesting facts about these drinks’ origins and production processes.

Last but certainly not least (!), indulging in drinks from around the world offers pure enjoyment! It adds an element of excitement and adventure during your visit to Epcot. Who wouldn’t love exploring different pavilions while savoring delightful concoctions? So raise your glass (responsibly) and embark on this remarkable journey – cheers!

The best drinks from each country in Epcot

The best drinks from each country in Epcot offer a delightful journey for your taste buds. In Mexico, sip on the classic Margarita, made with tequila and lime juice. It’s refreshing and perfect to start your adventure. Moving on to Norway, try Aquavit, a traditional Scandinavian spirit that has hints of caraway and dill.

In China, indulge in a Baijiu cocktail – this strong liquor is often mixed with fruit juices or soda for a sweeter taste. As you make your way to Germany, don’t miss out on the famous beer selection. From light lagers to hearty dunkels, there’s something for every beer lover.

In Italy, enjoy a glass of Prosecco or Limoncello – both are iconic Italian beverages that will transport you straight to the streets of Rome or Florence. France offers an exquisite variety of wines – whether it’s Bordeaux reds or Champagne bubbles – you’ll find elegance in every sip.

Heading over to Morocco? Try some Moroccan Mint Tea – it’s deliciously sweet and fragrant. Japan takes pride in its sake tradition; sample different types ranging from dry to sweet as you explore their culture through flavors.

In America itself, enjoy craft beers from various states while taking in the patriotic vibes around you! Finally reaching Canada allows you to delve into Canadian Whisky – smooth and flavorful.

These are just some highlights among many other amazing drinks waiting for you at Epcot’s World Showcase! So raise your glass and embark on this unforgettable drink around the world experience!

Tips for completing the Epcot Drink Around the World

Tips for Completing the Epcot Drink Around the World

1. Pace Yourself: With 11 countries to visit, it’s important to pace yourself when participating in the Epcot Drink Around the World. Enjoy each drink responsibly and savor the unique flavors from different cultures.

2. Stay Hydrated: While indulging in a variety of drinks can be fun, it’s crucial to stay hydrated throughout your journey. Alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to keep yourself refreshed.

3. Share with Friends: The Epcot Drink Around the World is even more enjoyable when shared with friends or family members. Splitting drinks allows you to sample more without overindulging.

4. Plan Your Route: Before embarking on this epic drinking adventure, take some time to plan your route through the countries of Epcot. This will help you make sure you don’t miss any must-try drinks along the way.

5. Try Something New: Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! Each country offers its specialties, so challenge yourself to taste flavors that might be unfamiliar but deliciously surprising.

6. Take Breaks: It’s okay to take breaks during your journey around the world showcase at Epcot! Explore other attractions or enjoy a meal before continuing on your quest for global libations.

7. Capture Memories: Be sure to capture memories of this extraordinary experience by taking photos along your drink-filled journey. These snapshots will serve as reminders of all the fun times had while exploring different cultures through their beverages.

Remember, completing the Epcot Drink Around The World is not about rushing through it but rather embracing an opportunity for cultural exploration and enjoyment in one incredible theme park experience! So raise a glass (or several) and embark on this unforgettable adventure!



Embarking on the Epcot Drink Around the World adventure is a unique and exciting experience that allows visitors to immerse themselves in different cultures through their beverages. From sipping margaritas in Mexico to enjoying sake in Japan, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds.

Participating in the Epcot Drink Around the World is simple but requires some planning. By pacing yourself, staying hydrated, and indulging responsibly, you can fully enjoy this one-of-a-kind journey around Epcot’s World Showcase.

Not only does drinking around the world provide an opportunity to sample delicious beverages from various countries, but it also offers a chance to learn about different traditions and customs surrounding alcohol consumption. It’s a fantastic way to broaden your horizons while having fun with friends or family.

Remember to try some of the best drinks offered at each pavilion – whether it’s a refreshing beer from Germany or a fruity caipirinha from Brazil. Each country has its specialty beverage waiting for you!

As you venture through each pavilion, take time to appreciate the intricate details of their architecture and design. The ambiance of each country will transport you far away from Florida and into another part of the world.

While completing this boozy challenge can be exhilarating, always prioritize safety above all else. If you feel like you’ve had enough or need assistance getting back safely after your drink around-the-world experience, don’t hesitate to seek help from park staff or utilize Disney transportation options.

So grab your passport (or rather your MagicBand) and get ready for an unforgettable journey as you sip your way across Epcot’s World Showcase! Cheers!

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