Key Aspects of Website Localization That Mostly Get Overlooked

There has already been a huge debate on why localization is critical for the success of your global business. Enterprises around the globe are now taking their website localization more seriously. Especially, in this intense competition, localization not just makes your brand stand out but also helps you connect with their customers on a deeper level.

The majority of people, even today, use the term localization and translation interchangeably. Well, localization is not just another word used for translations. It is a broader concept that adapts all aspects of your website including textual translations.

In this article, we’ll be discussing all major aspects of the website that businesses may overlook while localizing it for another region.

What to Consider While Doing Website Localization?

Structure and Design of Website 

The first thing that one should be mindful of while localizing a website for multiple regions is its structure. When you translate your website into different languages of different lengths and writing styles, keeping the website design flexible will help you get your design adjusted to different languages. It is like making your website ready for globalization through internationalization. Similarly, you have to keep all use-facing elements outside the code; otherwise, the whole localization process will be super time-consuming and hectic for your developers and translators. You can use a professional to make changes to your website in real-time from your TMS.

Time and Date Formatting

You should know that how you display your time, dates, and telephone numbers is different in every country. When it comes to time, some countries use 24-hour clocks and some 12-hour clocks. Similarly, some may write dates as 3/06/2023, in British English, it is read as the 3rd of June. While in American English, they will read it as the 6th of March because of the numerical sequences of dates used in each region.

So, it is important to not hard code the formulas for time and dates on your website. Because it will cause confusion for people living in other parts of the world. The same thing goes for telephone number writing style, which is also different in every region.

Adding Currencies and Other Measurement Units

In every country, they use different units of measurement. Some use the US customary system, others may go for the imperial and metric systems. So, if you are using the unit of measurement in an unfamiliar system, it will only confuse your readers. It is vital for any business to make their customers feel at home while using their website and eliminate all elements that can cause any sort of confusion.

Similarly, while displaying the prices of your products and services, make sure to use the currency that your audience uses. So, they don’t have to calculate and convert the currency first, before making the buying decision. It can also impact their decision of buying from you and reduce their online shopping experience.

Multimedia & Visuals

Just like your textual content, you must adapt your visuals to the target region. Especially, if your images contain any text, you have to write another copy of the text and readjust it on your image. Moreover, you may need to change the colors and other sorts of cultural symbolism in your images to make them look more local and resonate with your audience. The same thing goes for videos. You must provide dubbing and subtitles for each video available on your website. It will make it easier for your audience to comprehend the content in your videos. Using a professional project management platform will help you manage all aspects of your website localization from one place.

Cultural References & Regulations 

With all the technical aspects of your website, you also have to take care of cultural factors. In the end, you aim to make your website resonate with your local customers, and it will never happen if it is not reflecting the local culture.

So, whether it is translation, formatting, website design, or the use of colors, make sure to adapt all aspects of your website to local culture. Use more cultural references in your translations and use cultural symbolism in the images. When it comes to translation, using a professional machine translation tool may provide your best culturally resonating translations. Similarly, make sure your website is well-adapted to local regulations and policies. It will save you from penalties, and you can operate freely as a foreign business in any marketplace.

Payment Method 

Last but certainly not least, you have to make it simplified and seamless for your customers to buy from your website. What payment method you are using on your website has a huge impact on your customers’ overall buying experience. It is recommended to use a payment method that is more familiar to the local customers. You can include multiple payment options on your website to make it more convenient for everyone to choose their preferred method. The more seamless the payment processes, the more effortless it will be for your customers to buy from you. So, it can also give you an edge over other competitors that are not providing localized payment options to customers.


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