Get a Tee that Fits you the Right Way!

Get a Tee that Fits you the Right Way!. If you see burly guys rocking custom t-shirts it is because they have worked very hard to build up those biceps and triceps and don’t want to keep them hidden! They have got it and want to flaunt it! 

All eyes are on them, and they well deserve all the adulation. However, some adulation must be attributed to the fit of their t-shirt as well. After all, it is the tee that’s accentuating those hard-won bulges on their arms.

A tee that fits just right

If you believe in looking stylish and suave, you would know that an ill-fitting tee can be a deal breaker in many ways. A custom t shirt that fits you like a glove can enhance your style quotient exponentially.

Those who have spent hours daily in the gym prefer tees that fit snugly around the torso. However, it shouldn’t be tight – it must have enough space to let the air circulate well while fully flattering your chiseled body.

You would not definitely want a baggy shape that conceals far more than it reveals. It looks lifeless and unappealing, with sleeves flopping around.

At the same time, you won’t want a t-shirt that makes your body appear as if it is oozing out of the cloth. You will see many gymmers trying far too hard and squeezing themselves into far-too-tight tees, looking quite weird. They should get a tee that is at least two sizes bigger!

Working out means getting broad shoulders and a narrow waist. To show this tapered appearance in the best way possible, you should go for tees that draw attention to the waist. This helps in projecting that appealing V-shape in a way that makes the wearer the cynosure of everyone’s eyes.

If you are unable to get an off-the-rack tee that does that, you can always check out the t-shirts available at a good custom t-shirt shop.

They have many different styles of tees, such as slim fit tees, baggy style tees, muscle fit styles, and more. You can try a few out and see which tee suits you the best.

Also called a body fit t-shirt, a slim fit caresses the shape of your body and shows it off in all its glory rather than just hanging about lifelessly. You can use it as an undershirt as well. It looks awesome under a shirt, pullover, or jacket.

The times of today have many fashions that have come from the past. The baggy tee of the 90s is back in the game. While the tees of that era were truly loose, the ones of today are slightly wider with loose sleeves. These are quite in nowadays, and you’ll see many of these adorning bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Coming back to body-fit tees, if you have a muscular frame, you will love wearing muscle-fit tees. These will help you to exhibit your best assets, and the best part is they look amazing with chinos. You can make your own shirt, too, if you are finicky about finishing and cuts. 

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