Virginia: Land of Beauty, Romance, and AA Meetings! 

Virginia is all about mountains, beaches, rivers, romance, and wine. But, this beautiful mid-Atlantic area also has a dark side to it. The place is also about addiction to drugs and alcohol. Alas, it harbors many addicts. 

You can find people entwined in their addictions and in dire need of help. Alcohol addiction is a menace here, but the good thing is that many addicts want to change themselves. They are eager to attend an AA meeting in Virginia to recover from their hazardous habit. 

AA and its effectiveness

Alcoholics Anonymous is known to help individuals recover from even the most severe drinking disorder. However, in this case, you may also need rehabilitation therapy to speed things up. Along with attending meetings, you can also attend outpatient therapies that can help you come out of your “addiction well.”

One of the reasons for the effectiveness of AA is that they make you realize the truth of your life. They help you be honest with yourselves and admit that you have a drinking problem. Also, you shed your ego and become humble enough to confess that you are unable to do anything about the problem. 

As you do this, you break the shackles of the problem and move towards the path of solution. 

And don’t think anybody is going to do this for you at an AA meeting. No. You must do this yourselves. You are responsible for your own life. Once you realize how powerless you have become in front of alcohol, you start working towards gaining your power. 

Cost of joining a meeting in Virginia

Meetings are free of cost. Alcoholics Anonymous is a non-profit fellowship that has spread its wings around the world. The idea is not to earn profit. The idea is to help alcoholics become sober. 

The fellowship was started by alcoholics themselves, and they could understand the dilemma of alcohol addiction. After recovering by following a set of certain steps, they decided to help others do the same. 

AA meetings emphasize these steps, which are 12 in number. It is important to follow each step order-wise. No meeting imposes a deadline for completing the steps. You can complete them at your own pace, but you must complete each one of them. 

So, ladies and gentlemen, the cost of joining a meeting in Virginia is zero, but the reward you get is valuable. In fact, you get your life back. You become sober and are better able to see how beautiful and purposeful life is sans alcohol. 

Closed and open meetings 

Both closed and open meetings are available in Virginia. Closed meetings are only for alcoholics, while open meetings welcome alcoholics, their family members and friends, therapists, and others interested. 

Meetings give you an opportunity to learn about the 12 traditions of AA, keep track of your sober days, discover your capabilities and confidence, share your story, and get guidance on long-time sobriety. 

Let Virginia remain a land of beauty and romance. Let’s not make it a land of addicts. 

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