What does Stacie Zabka do?

Are you curious about the woman behind the scenes of some of your favorite TV shows and movies? Look no further than Stacie Zabka! This powerhouse producer has been making waves in Hollywood for years, working on everything from hit comedies to action-packed dramas. But what exactly does she do? Let’s look closer at Stacie Zabka and her impressive career in the entertainment industry.

Who is Stacie Zabka?

It is a Los Angeles-based writer, director, and producer. She has written and directed numerous short films that have played at festivals worldwide. Her work often deals with themes of loss, grief, and hope.

Zabka’s first feature film, “The Other Side,” was released in 2016. The film follows a group of friends who embark on a road trip to find a lost loved one. “The Other Side” won several awards at film festivals, including Best Director at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Zabka’s second feature film, “A Place Among the Living,” is currently in post-production. The film is about a woman who must face her past before moving on.

Zabka is also a writing and producing team member behind the web series “Hollywood Darlings.” The series follows the lives of child actresses turned Hollywood mothers as they navigate parenting, marriage, and friendships.

What does Stacie Zabka do for a living?

Stacie Zabka is an American actress and model. She is best known for her role as Cobra Kai student turned evil sensei, Elizabeth Shue, in The Karate Kid film series.

What are some of Stacie Zabka’s hobbies and interests?

It is busy but still makes time for her hobbies and interests. She enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and pets. She also likes to read, listen to music, and watch movies. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, camping, and fishing.

How did Stacie Zabka get her start in her career?

Stacie Zabka began her career as a model and actress, appearing in print ads and commercials. She soon transitioned to film and television, landing roles in popular shows such as “Baywatch” and “Beverly Hills, 90210.” Zabka has also appeared in several movies, including “The Karate Kid,” “Back to the Future,” and “Jumanji.” Most recently, she was seen on the Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

What are some of the things that Stacie Zabka has accomplished?

Stacie Zabka is a businesswoman, philanthropist, and mother of two. She co-founded the women’s empowerment organization. She Is The Change, which provides resources and support to women entrepreneurs. Stacie is also a member of the board of directors for Girls Inc. of Greater Los Angeles, a non-profit organization that helps girls develop strong self-esteem and leadership skills. In addition to her work with She Is The Change and Girls Inc., Stacie is involved in various other philanthropic endeavors. She has mentored at-risk youth, raised awareness for human trafficking victims, and supported organizations that provide housing and education for homeless children.

What does the future hold for Stacie Zabka?

The future looks bright for Stacie Zabka! She is currently starring in the hit sitcom “The Goldbergs” and has several movies in the pipeline. She is also set to produce and star in her comedy series on ABC. Undoubtedly, Stacie Zabka is a force to be reckoned with!

How has Stacie Zabka’s work affected the world?

Stacie Zabka has been working in the medical field for over 10 years. She has worked as a registered nurse, a certified nurse, and a medical assistant. She has also been a teacher and a coach. In her work, she has helped countless people receive the care they need and improve their lives. She has also made a difference in the world by volunteering her time and skills to help those in need.


Stacie Zabka is incredibly talented and has made a name for herself in her many chosen fields. From modeling and acting to teaching yoga, she indeed does it all! Whether you want to learn more about the fashion industry or take your yoga practice to the next level, Stacie Zabka is worth checking out. She’s proof that anything is possible if you focus on what you love and are willing to do the work!

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