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Knowing how to create a compelling press release is a must for anyone working in  PR or communication. In this blog post, we will explore common press release themes like an embargoed press release, product launch press release, and new hire news release. We will also look at good press release examples that demonstrate best practices for you to get inspired by. Let’s dive straight in to help you get better at creating press releases!

What is the purpose of good press release examples?

Sometimes, you sit down to write a press release, but you just don’t know where to start. By going through press release examples, you might find that they spark your creativity. Seeing how others have effectively communicated their messages can stimulate new ideas and approaches to crafting compelling press releases.

Additionally, good examples can act as press release templates and models that show you how to structure, format, and write a press release. Reviewing examples from various industries and successful campaigns can help you learn best practices when it comes to conveying information, creating engaging narratives, and tailoring messages to different contexts.

Excellent press release examples with various purposes

Before you even start writing the press release, you might find yourself wondering what kind of news is worth sharing as a press release. Here are some of the most common types, which are all newsworthy, along with some of the best examples of press releases matching each purpose:

Product launch press release

A press release is a useful way to spread the word about the new solutions or products your organization offers to consumers and shed light on how you are bringing value by launching it. New services and products are always worth creating a buzz around. Ensure that you include at least one link to the site where the product is sold, to drive traffic back to the website. However, keep it at a reasonable level. As a reader, you do not want every other word to be blue-penciled.

See an example of a product launch press release here. 

New hire news release

When hiring a new employee, a new hire press release can be used to inform the public, stakeholders, and the media about it. Such a press release typically includes details like the individual’s name, position, relevant background, and sometimes a brief quote or statement from the company’s leadership expressing enthusiasm for the new addition to the team. The press release shows the company’s growth, talent acquisition, and overall positive developments, and is great from an Employer Branding perspective.

Here’s an example of a new hire news release.

Event press release

If you are hosting an event, a press release will increase the chances that more people will attend and at the same time show that you are dedicated to staying updated within your business area. Include information such as what the event is about, the pricing, and when and where it will be held.

View this example of an event press release.

Rebranding press release

For any company, rebranding may be challenging and occasionally cause confusion and awkwardness. A press statement outlining the branding with information on what is changing, the rationale for the change, the dates the changes take effect, and quotes from the leadership team can help the transition go more smoothly.

Get inspired by this example of a rebranding press release.

Mergers and acquisition announcement

Organizational changes can be displayed to the public using a press release, especially to inform current and future stakeholders of the company’s growth and development. To announce an acquisition or merger, include details of all relevant organizations, information about the merger or acquisition, and a quote from the leadership team.

See this example of a mergers and acquisition announcement.

Embargoed press release

Sometimes, journalists and media outlets are provided with information with the condition that its contents should not be published or disclosed before a specified date and time. This is called an embargoed press release. This way, reporters have time to prepare their stories in advance and ensure that the information is released simultaneously, which creates a level playing field for media coverage.

New partnerships press release

This one might be considered a given, however, there are several reasons why new partnerships are press release-worthy material. Not only does it show that your business is evolving, but it also shows that another company sees you as a valuable partner worth being associated with. If you want to write this type of release well, be sure to include a summary of each company, the rationale behind the partnership, the beneficiaries, and any other pertinent information for both present and future stakeholders.

Here’s an example of a new partnership press release.

Awards press release

It is acceptable to boast about business excellence. Press announcements regarding honors and achievements help to establish your company as an authority in your field. Such a news release provides information on the organization and the reasons for the award, as well as facts on the prize and the event (if applicable). Another thing that will make sure to lift the article is if someone, preferably a person that is higher up in the business hierarchy, gives their comment on the achievement.

This example of an awards press release will inspire you.

Grand openings press release

Send out a grand opening news release to announce any new office openings, office moves, or first-time openings. Declare the time and place of the grand opening, the participants, the celebration plans, and the rationale for the relocation (if applicable).

See this example of a grand opening press release.

Music press release

A music press release can be used to promote a music-related activity, such as a new album release, single launch, concert, tour announcement, or other noteworthy events within the music industry.

Here’s an example of a music press release.

Book press release

To announce and provide information about a new book to members of the media, book reviewers, and the public, a press release is invaluable. It can be used to generate interest, coverage, and publicity for the book, to contribute to a successful launch and promotion.

View this example of a book press release.

Press release examples in summary

Crafting a great press release requires combining strategic communication with storytelling. Whether you’re releasing a new product, introducing a key hire, or planning a rebranding effort, a press release is a great way to announce it. Remember, the key lies in presenting something newsworthy in a way that resonates with your target audience. Next time you need some inspiration before writing a press release, look at the press release examples in this blog post and let them guide you.

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