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Reach 1 million media contacts

With Mynewsdesk’s platform, you’ll reach the right contacts with every press release – and increase the impact of your PR and communication efforts.

1 million

journalist in the global database

72 %

of Mynewsdesk’s customers get their press releases covered by media

89 of 100

– the strong domain rating of


Global media database

One of the largest media databases

Creating press releases is a waste of time if no one reads them! Make sure you reach your audience using Mynewsdesk’s global journalist network and media database.

Access 1 million media contacts instantly – rest assured they are all managed in compliance with GDPR.



AI-powered journalist matching in seconds

When creating press releases, our AI identifies journalists in our database who’ve recently covered similar topics.

Add them directly to your recipient list, including their names, email addresses, and potential reach. PR outreach has never been easier!

3 ways to work with media contacts

Brand values Engagement

Add your own contacts

Say goodbye to Excel! Upload your existing contacts to distribution lists in our platform, and combine them with our vast media database.

Group of people

Search our network

Use our extensive media database to find new journalists and thereby expand your own network.

Personalized content

Let AI guide you

Don’t worry about finding the most relevant journalists – our AI will do it for you. Write your press release and AI will find relevant journalists.


– Mynewsdesk helps us save both time and resources. This way, we can easily provide journalists with content and high-resolution images and have all news automatically displayed in our content hub.

Jacqueline Casini, Lufthansa Cargo

Your all-in-one PR software

Save time and improve your PR efforts using Mynewsdesk. Create press releases, publish them in your newsroom, reach the right journalists, analyze and track your media coverage – all in one software tool. Now powered by AI.

Reach the right contacts – step by step


Step 1:

Build and organise your contact lists

Upload your existing contacts directly to the platform and add relevant contacts from the Mynewsdesk media lists and global database. You can easily organise your contacts, move them between different lists and create new contact lists to fit your needs.


Step 2:

Target the right contacts with each send-out

Create professional-looking send-outs and distribute them to relevant contact lists based on topic. Through targeted communication, you’ll build long-term relationships with journalists and other contacts, who’ll see you as a credible source within their area of interest.


Step 3:

Measure and follow up on your communication

Evaluate the effects of each send-out through detailed statistics. Find out the number of people who opened, shared and interacted with your content. Identify your most engaged contacts and send reminders to those who didn’t open your send-outs.

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